Frequently Asked Questions

• What is Trust Based Billing and how it is useful to Consumer?
Trust Based Billing feature is designed to Electricity Consumer by KESCO which helps the consumer in generating their own bill by filling parameters given in the dashboard under Trust Based Billing link. This feature can only help to those consumers where Billing Agency's Meter Reader didn't approach to consumers for delivering their bills on time. This feature is restricted for the consumers dated between 20 to 25 of every month. So the consumers can only generate their bills between given dates.

• What is Account No.?
A 8 digit numeric field which helps in identifying the consumers details over electricity billing software and Consumers can get the details of their bills .

• What is Load?
Generally Load field shows the actual sanctioned load of the consumers. Sometimes Connected load is greater than the sanctioned load which is treated as Demand and reflects Excess Demand penalty. To view it over meter you have to trace the field prefix with KW/KVA

• What is current cumulative maximum demand (CMD)?
Current cumulative maximum demand is the load/ demand It displays over the meter with prefix as Kva.
• What is the current meter reading in Kwh or Kvah?
Meter Reading shows in the terms of Unit in meter prefix with KW/h and KVA/h

• For What purpose E-mail id is required?
It is used for registering consumers over billing system to provide billing details, reminders,e-bills and for the purpose of resolving complaints.

• Why Mobile Number is required?
It is a best mode of contact in case any problem raised over the system. With the help of it automated system even Call Center Executive can facilitate the customer better with latest updates and reminders.

• How Calculator can help us?
Calculator is being used to calculate bill as per monthly consumption by entering details as required. It helps in knowing your bill better.

• What you should do in case of Meter Defective?
In case of Defective meter kindly report the issue to Executive Engineer of your concern distribution division.
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